Kiteboarding Academy - Instruction



All instruction includes gear.

Classes are available one-on-one or in groups.


Commitment Course

Recommended for beginners with serious intentions of becoming kiteboarders.

Intensive 3 day course covering all modular courses and beyond, as far as your skills can take you!

3 full days (15 hours of instruction), $900 USD per student.


Private Instruction

What you want is what you get! Just let us know your riding level and goals and we will take you where you want to go.

$125 USD per hour or $500 USD per day.


Get an internationally recognized IKO rider's certification card!

Perfect if you don't have an International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certification card.

The course gives you an orientation to safe riding in the area and tests your skill level so we can rent you gear.

We'll issue you an internationally recognized IKO rider's certification card at the end of the course certifying your kiteboarding level.

This card can be presented worldwide when you want to rent gear.

1½ hours, $100 USD per student.


Modular Courses

Learn to kiteboard step by step. The modular approach is perfect for busy people who want to learn in 'chunks'.

Each module teaches you a different part of kiteboarding until you know it all!

On Solid Ground

Learn the roots of kiteboarding. Read weather conditions and see how to apply these readings to gear selection, location selection and gear set up. Fly a trainer kite to help in understanding the impact of wind strength and direction on the kite.

$150 USD - 2 hours.

Kite Control

Master kite flying. Body drag through the water while learning to control an inflatable kite. Become comfortable with your harness. Learn how to re-launch in the water.

$225 USD - 3 hours.

All A Board

Learn how to pair your kite skills with getting up and riding a board.

$250 USD - 3 hours.

Going Solo

Become an independent kiteboarder. Fine tune your overall riding skills.
Perfect how to launch, land and self rescue.

$250 USD - 3 hours.






Reservations are required for Instruction. Contact us for details.