SUP Shore

Already comfortable paddling? Well hop into the clear Caribbean Sea and enjoy a guided paddle.

You will take in expansive views stretching from the coast of Cozumel to the mainland of Mexico.

From an incredibly unique perspective you will enjoy seeing the laid back Cozumel board walk, known as the Malecón.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the northern end of town where you can check out gorgeous oceanfront homes, including the Presidential get away.

SUP Night

We paddle out just before sunset to take in this awe inspiring scene from our boards.

Once the sun goes down we turn on the NOCQUA lights underneath our paddle boards.

This illuminates the water around us turning it into a magnet for amazing sea life.

From here we will tour along the coast enjoying all of the beauty above and below our boards.

An incredibly unique experience!

SUP Caribbean


One of the most unique paddle boarding excursions offered anywhere in the world!

You will start by embarking on a one of a kind boat designed by De Lille Sports packed with all of the SUP gear you will need for the day.

Accompanied by our captain and instructor/guide you will head to a secluded area of the island rarely seen by visitors or locals alike.

Upon arrival it's get ready, get set and begin the paddle of a lifetime in Cozumel’s Caribbean waters.

SUP Mayan Mangrove


Are you ready to be at one with nature as the Mayans were?

Accompanied by our captain and instructor/guide you will hop on our boat and head to Cozumel’s protected Northern lagoons.

Once here you will have the privilege of paddling around a hidden Mayan ruin. Then explore a meandering mangrove system teaming with life. From your board you will take in rare and beautiful birds as they soar above and a variety of fish as they swim below.

Deep Sea Fishing


Our highly experienced captain will guide you to the prime areas of Cozumel while trolling through fish laden Caribbean waters using top of the line gear.

Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be served. We will even clean and fillet your catch so you or your local chef can prepare it as you wish.



Are you a skilled kiteboarder ready to experience the ultimate downwinder?

Just grab your gear. Our captain and guide will take you to the ultimate launch spot of the day.

After a great ride complimentary refreshments will be served. If you are not travelling with gear, we have equipment available for rent to certified kiters.

Punta Molas


Looking for beauty above and below the water along with exposure to amazing Mayan engineering? If so, this is the tour for you.

Accompanied by our captain and guide you will head north taking in the beautiful coastline along areas of the island where the only traffic you may see is the occasional local fisherman.

It is here where we will explore the Punta Molas lighthouse, snorkel in the crystal clear Caribbean and explore an ancient Mayan ruin.

Tour FAQs

Where do your tours depart from?

All of our boat tours depart from the Puerto de Abrigo marina in the north end of the island. We are located near the marina's only snack shop.

Our shore based tours meet at Playa Casitas, Palapa #3 to the North, under the Shaka Snack Bar.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend you bring the following: Bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, sun block, hat with a strap so it won't blow away, windbreaker and comfortable footwear that can get wet

What is your cancellation policy?

All of our tours are dependent upon weather. If the port is closed due to poor weather or the conditions are not safe/suitable for your chosen activity you will receive a full refund. For any other reason we require a minimum of 72 hour notice of cancellation in order to issue a refund.