Weather Conditions
The tropical Caribbean climate in Cozumel means you are guaranteed good weather almost any time of year.

Check out the latest up-to-the-second satellite Cozumel weather information to find out where it’s blowing for kiteboarding and where it’s flat for SUP!

How’s it looking?

We recommend you check out Magicseaweed and Buoy Weather for the latest Cozumel wind and swell information.

Magicseaweed specializes in surf weather reports, forecasts and photos.

Buoy Weather’s global network of Virtual Buoys deliver quality marine forecasts for all coastal and offshore regions in the world.

Infrared Satellite Images

Have look at what weather is brewing in the Caribbean with great infrared satellite images from Intellicast.

Intellicast is part of Weather Services International (WSI).

WSI has the world’s largest commercial meteorological database, incorporating U.S. National Weather Service, U.S. military, Canadian, British, and Japanese governments, other international agencies, and commercial vendors.